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websites4sale is a marketplace of buying and selling websites, domains and social networks pages, joining buyers and sellers in a secure, efficient and profitable way for both parts. Sell your domain in a secure platform.

At websites4sale you can choose for 3 types of sale: auction, private sale and Buy It Now:

  • With auction, the buyer has to bid above the current bid, which as the buyers bid, increases. The auction allows that your website is sold in a quicker way then the private sale. The duration of the auction is from 1 to 90 days.
  • With private sale, the seller can choose to make the sale without auction and the different offers are not public, which only the seller can see. The seller can choose to set a minimum price, to which the buyer can only submit offers above that minimum price or price under consult. The duration of private sales are from 3 up to 240 days.
  • Finally, the Buy It Now in which the seller sets a fixed price and the website is bought instantly without auction when the buyers buys. The maximum duration of the Buy It Now is 240 days.

websites4sale is free for the buyer. For the seller there is a fee USD3.00 for a normal listing and USD5.00 for a normal listing plus featuring in websites4sale homepage. websites4sale doesn't charge for the bid or offer and doesn't charge for the sale itself. This fees helps maintain and publicize this site for you.


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