How much does my site or blog worth

Let’s face it: the evaluations of websites or blogs are a controversial subject. There is no common denominator for site evaluation, which leads us to values that are are too high or too low. There are some criteria for evaluating websites that are already acquired in this market, but if we ask 5 buyers or sellers to set a price for a certain property online, we will get 5 completely different answers. However, the community has already accepted some criteria:

income: this is the most transparent and decisive factor when evaluating a website. For example, metrics like Adsense or affiliate programs income that a blog receives make the evaluation processes simple and linear.  But, we can not talk about income without mention the costs inherent to the site, whether they are hosting, promotion or maintenance.

- the audience of a particular site such as visitor numbers, users, bounce rate, traffic origin, etc. Google Analytics is the standard for these metrics, and the buyer must always request access to the Analytics account (read-only) before closing a deal. The site can even be valued by the number of registered users or by its email list.

- performance of the site regarding search engines. The number of searches for a particular keyword and its position in search results and the number of backlinks of a website. Many buyers prefer a website that its traffic origin is mostly organic (from search engines) as they do not have many costs with maintenance of the business.

- by the other hand, social networks performance: not only numbers of likes of a website page, but above all, the level of engagement of posts (likes, shares and comments).

Other criteria such as Alexa Ranking, the time the site has been online or the domain was registered, the fact that the content is original, the platform or the programming language associated with the site, the website design are excellent indicators, but the community does not give them as much importance as the ones first described. Entrepreneurs also look at the potential of a given site or domain, but it depends on the vision and intuition of each one.

Entrepreneurs can also use existing tools on the web to calculate the value of their sites. A simple Google search for "site worth" will show you many websites that provide this service. The disparity of values is huge among them, but it pays to test when it comes to selling or buying a website.
If the site has no income, the other criteria are what sets the value, but there is no standard form of calculation. Make comparisons with the value of other similar websites that have been sold or lack the first ones that are for sale. The ideal value for the site such as another property is governed by the laws of supply and demand and the seller can not calculate the value of your site according to the criteria of how much he spent on it or even based on the time you were developing it or promoting.

Good business!