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How it works is a websites and domains marketplace which allows users to buy, sell and trade both established and new websites.

The Website  allows buyers and sellers of websites to meet up in a safe and secure enviroment to do business together.

If you are a seller...

simply create a new account, add some credits to your account with PayPal, and then start posting your scripts for sale,add in to your account your"ABOUT US"informations and your reall contact the users can visit at any time your profile and find there your full contact informations and your about us,so they can contact you directly...this way make us the only website marketplace so safe both for seller and buyers.

As seller in to your descriptions you have several options to select and fill to make the auction as you become more clear for the clear is as better it will be your auction

You can add your youtube video or any other online video by add your video link when you start your new your auction it will be more better and with this way you can show your visitors more informations about your selling item.

You can also upload or delete as much proof images in to your desriptions so you can proof all this you say in to the auction descriptions.

You can upolad our verify txt file in your root directly of your selling website so the buyers can verify this the website is really your.

You can add in to your domain name in to your dns place our verify code so the buyers can check your whois page and verify this your domain name is really your.

If you are a buyer..

As a buyer, just create your account and start bidding!  There are many new and established websites that you can bid on as well as many with buy it now options!

you can find and contact the buyer directly and to speak with him before you buy anything...just visit seller profile page and in there you can find all seller personal contact informations,but you need to be online user so you can find this informations.

You can also check and verify the selling website of the seller ads just by click the verify the website now,if the website is already verified then it will looks like this... check here

You can also check and verify the domain name from the whois page which you find the whois buttons in to the seller descriptions

The sellers have already paypal you can pay them via paypal,we suggest for big amounts to use only escrow payments,if the seller accept escrow payments show it in to the descriptions of the selling item.


You can upload your any images with descriptions of them,just visit your listing and upload your images,if you want to delete any images then go to your account and find to the left side of every listing the"attachments"push it and delete any images you want

Prommote your listing

You can prommote your any listing from our prommotion methods..just you need to visit your listing and to the end of the right side you can find the prommote button.

Your "About us"

Just Visit your account page and upgrade your personal informations

How you verify your website

Just visit your listing and to the end of the right side you see the "Download verification zip file" ,then download it ,unzip it and upload this file to your root directly

What payments you can use

Paypal payments are our main payments method,but you can use also escrow payments if the seller allow it.

How you list your selling item

Try to add the descriptions as clear as you can, try  to fill all the boxes as clear as possible, Beside each box there are instructions.The buyers can check this informations.